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The number of practising dentists per 100 000 inhabitants remained relatively unchanged in most of the EU Member States between 2009 and 2014 see Figure 1; there were, however, seven Member States where this ratio increased by at least 10 additional dentists per 100 000 inhabitants.
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In response to the rise in new dentists as well as dentistry techniques, the first dental practice act was established to regulate dentistry. In the United States, the First Dental Practice Act required dentists to pass each specific states medical board exam in order to practice dentistry in that particular state.
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In the United Kingdom, the 1878 British Dentists Act and 1879 Dentists Register limited the title of dentist" and dental" surgeon" to qualified and registered practitioners. 19 20 However, others could legally describe themselves as dental" experts" or dental" consultants.
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However, in contrast to the negative responses, more than two thirds of dentists surveyed said that they would choose the same career if they could start over again. This figure marks an increase from 2014, when only 60% of dentists said they would still select a career in dentistry if they were just starting out.
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Dentists hold about 151500, jobs. Some dentists own their own businesses and work alone or with a small staff. Other dentists have partners in their practice, and some work for more established dentists as associate dentists. About 1 out of 4 dentists are self-employed.
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Read More Reviews. Proud New Westminster dentists, who are pleased to be able to provide a superlative experience delivering the highest quality of dental care for all of their patients. That's' our team in the photo above. To provide world-class quality dental care.
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A list of all dentists in and around Ghent can be found in the section dentists of the Golden Pages. Urgent dental care. For urgent dental care during the weekend or on public holidays 9 am 6 pm you can call the wachtdienst Gent at the central number 0903 399 69 to find out which dentist is on call.

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